TechBond IT Limited, a leading IT training institute in Bangladesh, has set its eye on providing the necessary support to individuals who want to exploit the opportunity and make their mark in Affiliate Marketing. Our Affiliate Marketing course will not only enable you to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing but also generate a strategy for career growth. To help you understand the market behavior and formulate a productive approach, we have covered all the aspects of Affiliate Marketing in our course. After completing the course, you will have an in-depth understanding of Affiliate Marketing and how to envision the market scenarios and use them to good effect.

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Course Module

Class 01: Introduction
  • Amazon, Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing)
  • Difference between Facebook profile, Facebook page and Facebook group
  • Facebook account disable
  • Various Marketing Goals to the Successful Business
  • Amazon affiliate commission structure
  • FBA & FBM
Class 02: TechBond Account creation
  • Class upon TechBond shop & TechBond IT account Create.
Class 03: TechBond Shop and IT
  • TechBond shop product sale.
  • Lead generation from TechBond Shop.
Class 04: Facebook account creation & marketing
  • Facebook page, Facebook group creation.
  • TechBond IT Lead generation & TechBond IT Direct Affiliate.
Class 05: Canva Design
  • Exploring features of Canva
  • Introduction with Canva design tools
  • Design with canva
Class 06: Facebook page setup, customization & optimization
  • Setup Facebook business page information.
  • Optimization Facebook business page Template info
  • How to create a marketing post
  • Event offer creation on Facebook
  • Product, Service, shop Tab information setup, customization & optimization
Class 07: Facebook business page auto-response, Audience Research, Niche Selection
  • Analyze Audience through Audience Insight
  • Facebook business page auto-response message setup: - Instant message, Away message, frequently asked question setup
  • Use Google Trends to find Niche (Seasonal niche, Evergreen niche)
  • Explore the benefits of sales funnel for Lead generation
  • Lead Nurturing Technique & Convert to sell
Class 08: Ads setup or Boosting (Facebook business Page)
  • Ad Relevance Optimization Technique.
  • Placement Optimization.
  • Payment method setup idea.
  • Age Group based optimization.
  • Targeted audience setup with low price & relatively more reached
Class 9: Chatbot
  • Creation of Chabot account
  • How to create database for Chabot
  • Link Chabot with Facebook
  • Test the database‚Äôs effectiveness
Class 10: YouTube Channel for Branding
  • Create a new channel, brand channel
  • Profile, Channel settings
  • Channel Optimize
Class 11: YouTube Content
  • YouTube content concept
  • Basic video editing for YouTube
  • YouTube content promotion
Class 12: YouTube Content Optimization
  • Definition of on page optimization
  • Title Tag optimization
  • Description optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Thumbnail optimization
  • YouTube video ranking
Class 13: YouTube & Marketing
  • YouTube marketing strategy
  • Local market task
  • Problem solving and working instruction with TechBond IT & TechBond Shop

Career Opportunity

As the digital population continues to rise, Affiliate Marketing are highly sought after by global brands. In fact, small or large, every business needs Affiliate Marketing to boost their brand awareness and sales.

After the successful completion of our course, anyone can be a part of this thriving profession. In a regular or freelancing career, Affiliate Marketing takes to the peak of success. And, by getting into entrepreneurship, you can become your own boss.

The following are common Affiliate marketing career options:

  • Online Marketer
  • Market Researcher
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Local Business
  • Job Opportunity


Total Class - 12 (One Month)

Class Duration - 2 hours


Basic Knowledge on Using Computer